I got a late start in photography, an accident of volunteering to help my wife Melody with the pictures for her Crave Book series in 2004.

Being self-taught, and challenged by all things digital, there is much trial and error here. Also much enjoyment for me in the process.
Photographs are a reality unto themselves (our best technological achievement?)

There’s no philosophy or commentary at hand to describe what I’m up to, as in the end a photo speaks for itself. Taking them has taught me about seeing, and sometimes they make someone happy, good reasons to keep at it.

About this website, I’ve focussed on images taken at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, and from stays in Amsterdam. Most of my blog posts are subjects of interest about the Market.  A large selection of images are available for purchase in the Buy Prints section.

Born and raised in Seattle, I’ve been going to the Market since the 1950’s, and owned a business there for many years (Biringer Farm). It’s a wonderful place to learn to photograph.

After many visits, Amsterdam is our physical and mental adventure place. It’s a different world, that refreshes the eye and spirit.

I have done several shows of my photos, and enjoy doing them.  If you have interest in my work for a show at your shop or space, please contact me at paulbutterfieldphotography@gmail.com

Mendo bookstore Amsterdam. Photo by Cristina Stoian.

Mendo bookstore Amsterdam. Photo by Cristina Stoian

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