Pike Place Market CONCIERGE

I created Pike Place MARKET CONCIERGE to provide a “100 things you need to know” list, that would contribute to a more informed and interesting experience when you visit the Pike Place Market.

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The goal is to provide a resource at your fingertip to navigate, demystify, and know a few hidden gems.  The CONCIERGE has seven categories of information: from history, shopping, eating and drinking, to fun facts.  Links to business websites are included, plus lots of photographs.

For locals, the Market’s not just a Disneyland attraction for tourists…right?   The concierge will make you the insider expert you think you are!

>Where was the real “original” Starbucks?  Why’d they start throwing fish at Pike Place Fish Market?   Eleven places to go for a Latin themed visit…etc.

For out of town visitors it’s a great resource for planning a visit and discovering more of what the Market has to offer.


Here’s Julie O.’s comment about the CONCIERGE:  “I think what you’ve done here, Paul, is amazing.  That’s coming from someone who’s lived down here for over 15 years and have been visiting all my life.  You are a plethora of information, but really couldn’t tell you what you’ve left out, because much of what you’ve written I didn’t even know.”

And this from Lori C:  “Paul has just offered up his definitive guide to our beloved Pike Place Market.  I’ve lived here 30 years and there’s treasures he’s highlighted I’ve never heard of before!  If you have visitors, or are not from Seattle but hoping to visit, this ebook “concierge” is a must!  Not to mention, his photos throughout are gorgeous!  Nicely done Paul, I love it!”

Purchase the MARKET CONCIERGE (PDF) now for only $9.95 (includes tax).

My personal history with the Market is available in a blog post on my website at Personal History.  A complimentary copy of the CONCIERGE is included with any print purchase on my website.

MARKET CONCIERGE copyright Paul Butterfield Photography 2015.