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Photos are printed on 11×14 Epson Matte paper. This is a standard size for ready-made frames.  Prints are not sold framed or matted.

They are hand-signed, dated, and numbered. The edition size is 25 for each photo.  See examples of signed prints here.

Prints are shipped flat, in an archival bag with backing.  Any photo on the website can be purchased in this format. Usethe Contact tab on the homepage for a special request.

All prints are $50. This price INCLUDES tax and domestic shipping.  It also includes a free download of my Market Concierge. This is a “100 things you need to know” guide to the Pike Place Market.  More info about the Concierge here.

The prints are organized in two sections-first for the Pike Place Market photos, and second for Amsterdam.


Pike Place Market produce

Frank's Produce-c58.jpgCarrots-c57.jpgKale-c36.jpgManzo produce-c49.jpgOnions-c17.jpgScale-c68.jpgSosio's.jpg
Pike Place Market fish

Pike Place Fish-c30.jpgFish 1.jpgFish 2.jpgFish 3.jpgFish 4.jpgFish 5.jpg

ike Place Market flowers

Flower vendor-c40.jpgMarket flowers 1.jpgMarket flowers 2.jpgMarket flowers 3.jpg
PikePlace Market poster art
Poster Art 1.jpgPoster Art 2.jpg



Pike Place Market musicians

Musician 1.jpgMusician 2.jpgMusician 3.jpgMusician 4.jpgMusician 5.jpg




Pike Place Market miscellaneous

Pike Place Market Signs.jpgPike Place Sign.jpg905 am.jpgBikes-Clock.jpgMain arcade signs.jpgPost Alley Bikes.jpgclock scale.jpgLe Pichet.jpgRed Cobblestone.jpgRestrooms-Flesh signs.jpgclock.jpgSeattle Best Coffee cup.jpg




Pike Place Market store signs

Alibi Room.jpgCafe Campagne.jpgCreamery.jpgPink Door .jpgPlace Pigalle B.jpg


Amsterdam Bikes

Crosswalk.jpgA'Dam Bike 1.jpgA'Dam bike 2.jpgA'dam bike 3.jpgA'dam bike 4.jpgA'dam bike 5.jpg

Amsterdam Manikins

Manikin 6.jpgA'dam manikin 1.jpgA'dam manikin 2.jpg A'dam manikin 3.jpgA'dam manikin 4.jpgA'dam manikin 5.jpg